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Name:Greywolf Troven
Birthdate:Apr 27
Greywolf Troven is the eldest of three siblings and takes after his father's side of the family in looks. As a Troven he is a member of one of the twelve First Families of Quarim, the upper nobility of the city of wizards. Unlike Trovens are supposed to be, he is an air wizard and not a fire wizard.

He is a rather talented air wizard, though he never really shows it. He's down to earth and very quiet, happy to let his younger sister, Laruna, take the lead on things. She is the most charismatic and out going of the three siblings. He's not an air head or spacey, but he tends to get forgetful when he's working on something, in that he'll just be up in his workshop and not come out until someone reminds him. Greywolf's mind is rather technically orientated.

From his fey ancestor he inherited two noticeable things: One is that he can't grow any facial hair. At all. Not even if his life depended on it. The second one is that he is a complete blank slate for telepaths and empaths. They can't get into his head. It's like he doesn't exist on the mental landscape. It's not something he can turn on or off either. It's a passive ability that he's only aware of because of his brother mentioning it to him.

Older brother to [personal profile] element_wizard(but not aware of the fourth wall or anything like that). Wind wizard and fond of making things.
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